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Don’t miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in:“Remodeling a Kitchen: Increase Home Value

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place for entertaining, making memories, and cooking meals for you and your loved ones. As one of the most used rooms in a home, the kitchen plays a crucial role in day-to-day life – from the first cup of coffee in the morning to creating a dish that brings everyone together at the end of the day. It’s no wonder why a modernized kitchen is a must-have for millions of homeowners all across the housing market. No matter where you live, perhaps Minneapolis, MN or Boise, ID, remodeling a kitchen will not only improve lifestyle and convenience for current homeowners, it will also add value and appeal to homebuyers if you’re looking to sell in the near future.

Redfin asked us along with other kitchen experts to share our best tips and tricks for a kitchen remodel. From better design and appearance, to additional space, improved technology, and increased functionality – check out what they had to say!

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