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Passion Led Us Here


As a family man, I know just how important it is to make a house a home. That’s why when I wanted to create a place we could make memories to last a lifetime I got in touch with a local contractor, talked through my ideas, and got excited. There was just one problem…


Work started quickly and I was told it would be completed even faster than I had expected; unfortunately, that’s where the good news ended. Before I knew it I was having to constantly chase for updates, saw costs spiral out of control, and eventually the contractor I’d put my faith in just stopped turning up at all. It’s at this point I realized something had to change. 


I began looking at the construction industry in Texas and found just how poorly regulated it was. It seemed that anyone could get into business, they’d never be held accountable, and the homeowner would always be the one to miss out. What honest, hardworking people needed was a home remodeling service they could trust from day one, so I decided to build it. 


I studied Civil Engineering and Project Management, managed multi-million-dollar construction projects for a leading consultancy, and then decided to give back to the local community.


Remodeling Professionals was founded with a simple WE CARE approach (Work quality, Efficiency, Care, Accountability, Reliability and Ethical service). It’s a back-to-basics way of doing things that puts homeowners back in control of the remodeling process so that you can feel relaxed and at ease during every stage of the project. That means no matter what your vision, timeframe or budget may be, we’re always right here when you need us. 

We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

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